Parbati Hydro Electric Project Stage-II 4×200 MW

Location: HIMACHAL PR.

Capacity: [MW 4 X 200]

The project envisages installation of 4 Units of 200 MW each. The Parbati H.E.P. is run-of-the-river scheme located on the river Parbati. This project will yield benefit of 3.5 hours of peaking power during lean season, and annual energy generation of 3108 MU in a 90% dependable year. Salient features are given below:

1. 91 m high concrete gravity dam.

2.1.25 m wide trench weir on Jigrai Nallah.

3.510m long feeder tunnel to divert waters of Jigrai Nallah to reservoir.

4.31.23 km. long, 6.0m dia head race tunnel (HRT)

5.Works relating to augmentation of waters in HRT by construction of diversion and desiltation on Hurla, Pancha, Manihar and Jiwa Nallahs and adding these to HRT through drop shafts

7.Underground 116 m high, 17 m dia restricted orifice type surge shaft

8.Two underground pressure shafts each of 1947 m length, 3.50 m dia bifurcating into 926 m long, 2.50 m dia branches upto Power House

9.Surface Power House with 4 Pelton turbine generating Units each of 200 MW operating under a gross head of 862 m,10.Four nos. Tail Race Tunnel (TRT) 60 m long with cross-section of 5.00 x 4.50 m each to carry waters to river Sainj and 400 KV GIS surface switchyard with 2 outgoing 400 KV feeders.

Present Status:Excavation in respect of the dam and power house has since been completed. Concreting in respect of the dam including the intake structure, power house, and the water conductor system is in progress. Slow progress of excavation of HRT due to poor geological strata, serious damage to the tunnel boring machine (TBM) and Poor performance of M/s HJV. The work has restarted after a review by the committee setup by the MOP. The TBM has been restored and refurbished. M/s Jager Bau has been awarded contract w.e.f. 2.6.2009 to restart HRT excavation on Face 4. Treatment of Face 4 and TBM has started and excavation may start by December, 2009.The support system for maintenance of equipment, de-watering arrangement, rail-line etc. has started and is likely to be completed by 08/2009. Dam concreting 61.40% work completed. Power house concreting 13.85 % work completed. HRT Excavation 82.21% completed upto June 09.

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