AP to increase capacity in 3 power plants

The Andhra Pradesh government has decided to utilise the vacant space at the three existing thermal power plants to generate an additional 2,400 MW of power at a cost of over Rs 12,000 crore.

At present, the state is struggling with a power shortage of more than 2000 MW daily. Were the three new thermal projects to be expedited and completed in a short time, it would come as a great boon to power consumers. The three new units are expected to be commissioned by next year.

If reports are to believed, the new technology requires less area compared to the older versions of thermal plants and that, it was learnt, has prompted the government to increase the capacity at the Vijayawada, Krishnapatnam and Kothagudem thermal power stations.

Vijayawada plant at present has a generating capacity of 1760 MW. Apart from the vacant space at the plant, Genco has asked the Vijayawada municipal corporation to provide another 50 acres of wasteland adjacent to the present site so that an 800 MW unit can come up.

Currently, Kothagudem thermal station produces 1720 MW of power. Now that the space available at the site has been surveyed, it has been confirmed that another unit of 800 MW capacity can come up there.

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