Atomic Energy dept to set up 3 more nuclear fuel complexes

The Department of Atomic Energy is planning to establish three more nuclear fuel complexes to meet the requirements arising out of the proposed massive expansion plan to increase the capacity of nuclear power plants to 63,000 MW by 2032, from the current level of 4,780 MW.

Currently, the Department has only one such complex at Hyderabad. It produces fuel bundles and other components for all the 20 reactors in operation in the country.

Out of the three plants planned, the first would come up at Kota in Rajasthan and would be used to supply fuel to the four 700 MW Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors being built at neighbouring Rawatbhata and Kakrapar in Gujarat. The sites for the other two are yet to be finalised.

According to Chief Executive Officer of Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad, R.N. Jayaraj, the complex at Kota would be ready by 2015-16. It would have a capacity to supply up to 500 tonnes of fuel per year. It would also have a zirconium fabrication facility with a capacity of 65 tonnes per year.

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